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~ Grooming A Schnoodle ~
With the Schnoodle being so popular everyone wants a "look" that says Schnoodle! Many groomers still try to groom a Schnoodle either like a Poodle or a Schnauzer but owners of a Schnoodle have been voicing their opinion, they want the Schnoodle to have their own look. This has become well-known as the Schnoodle cut.

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Let's get grooming!

This is a list of some of the things you will need to groom your own Schnoodle. You may find other things that you would like to use after you get started and know what you are doing. Here is a shorter list than what is shown in the picture: Kool Lube spray to cool the blade occasionally during use, Blade wash to wash the blades off after use or in between uses. At least one "good" pair of scissors - the scissors found in those "pet" grooming kits sold in most stores are usually not that great and you may either want to buy each piece seperately or just buy another pair of scissors from a catalog or large pet store. Electric Clippers - at least one pair with two blades, if you can only get two blades make them a #10 and # 4F. A metal comb - the ones with wider teeth on one end and thinner teeth on the other end are very handy for removing matted areas. Dematter - this is the middle brush on the bottom left(above) they usually have four or more blades, these blades sit sideways on the handle to help get through tough mats try using the tip of the teeth first until you have worked the mat out away from the skin. The slicker brush(yellow handle) is great for really cleaning the hair and removing dead hairs and debris. Pin brush(dark blue handle) this brush should resemble a pin cushion with straight pins, rounded on the tips. This brush is used for fluffing and when blow drying. Dog nail clippers- pictured above with red handles, these are important to have when your Schnoodle is mature but for a puppy or we find that human nail clippers work best. A nail file can be handy to file the nails after cutting them. Only file in one direction, from the back of the nail to the front. Most important is a rubbermaid mat for the Schnoodle to stand on.
Start by giving the Schnoodle a bath then use a hair dryer set on low heat to blow dry the Schnoodle. Now brush the Schnoodle completely. Now you are ready to start grooming.
Using the # 4F blade start on the back and sides of your Schnoodle and shave with the hair - as shown in the photos. Do not shave the legs...just the neck, back, chest and sides down to the top of the legs. Starting with the back and working on the feet and legs first works for two reasons - this will allow the Schnoodle to get use to the clippers and being worked on before you try to work on the face - it also allows the Schnoodle to sit down near the end of the grooming when he will be most tired and while you are working on the head area.
Lets work on the feet. This is usually a touchy place for most dogs so take it slow but make it clear to the Schnoodle that you will work on his feet. It is very important that you talk to your Schnoodle at this time, you don't need to say anything but just carry on a one-sided conversation. The sound of your voice will help soothe his nerves and help him relax. Use the # 10 blade on the feet.
If the Schnoodle pulls his feet away or seems very nervous or uncomfortable with you working on his feet make a decision to do a light trimming on the feet but do not quit! The Schnoodle needs to learn to have his feet handled. You can use scissors or clipper to trim the feet as much as you can. If possible trim in between the toes carefully, starting by the nail and moving towards the foot but being very careful not to cut the skin between the toes. When the foot is trimmed up you can trim the hair around the ankle evenly --- more foot trimming photos on print out!
Hold the ear flap in your finger tips, holding it down with your thumb and using either the # 4F or # 10 blade - depending on how long you would like the hair length on the ears - shave downward with the hair. * Beware - there is a double flap on the outer bottom of the ear flap. It is best to find these flaps before starting so you do not accidently cut the edge.
Hold the ear flap and shave the inner ear flap. Put the ear edge in between your fingers so you know exactly where the edge is and slowly cut near the edge of the ear to make the hair even along the ear flap. Be sure to remove the hair in the canal of the ear. To do this either use a small rounded tip scissors or you can pluck the hair out with fingers or forceps - they look like scissors but have teeth on the end and grab instead of cut. If plucking only remove a few hairs with each pull. If scissoring be certain to use a finger tip(pinky) to pull the hair in the canal upward, then use your finger tips to hold it as you scissor the hair as close to the canal as you can comfortably get.
Ear Cleaning
Ear cleaning is a great way to help insure that a Schnoodle does not get an ear infection. There are products at most pet store's that will help clean out a dogs ears. We prefer to use our own ingredients and make a mixture that not only cleans the ear but also helps prevent and treat infections. We have been using this mixture for years and we have never had a dog with an ear infection. * However I feel I should state that we do not pull hair from our dogs ears we use scissors. Some people believe that pulling hair leaves the ear exposed to infection.

Here is the ingredients in our ear cleaning mixture:
(Ingredients only available in the PDF file grooming printouts)

All these ingredients, the small bottle and a 3cc syringe can be found in any pharmacy.
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Again we apologize to those who were using this information correctly.
Much more detailed information and photos available in the PDF grooming information.
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