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"Only the best dogs can produce the best puppies"
We have been involved with dogs in showing, training, agility and rescue for 30 years. Our focus has been on researching and breeding Schnoodles for over 13 years. We feel it is very important to really get to know the dog we are creating - the good and bad - it is the only way to know if the Schnoodle mix should continue to be intentionally bred. To better understand the Schnoodle in general we made a form for our previous website with many questions for updated information to be submitted to us via the internet - making it very convenient and therefore more likely to be used. This update page was first created for our puppy families but quickly became used by many Schnoodle owners. These owners had acquired their dogs from other breeders, pet shops, puppy mills, flea markets, rescue and other places. We found this information useful for learning the general nature of this mixed breed. We went through each update form to figure out the averages and generalizations of the "average" Schnoodle. It is all the information from our years of study and experience with the Schnoodle that is shared on this site and in our book THE SCHNOODLE BOOK - the original and still the most complete book about Schnoodles.

Serious breeders know that you cannot expect a great Schnoodle puppy from breeding any Schnauzer and Poodle together - only the best dogs can produce the best puppies. Just as humans pass on personalities, temperaments, intelligence and other traits to our children - so do dogs.

Since the beginning of our breeding program we have been commited to making the best possible dog while also the most versatile. We set out to make a dog that specialized in affection, intelligence, personality, loyalty, great temperament and allergy friendly all wrapped up in an adorable, huggable appearance. The outcome of our work is the miniature Schnoodle.

Our Schnoodles adult sizes range from 13-30 pounds and 12-20 inches tall - measured at the shoulders. The weight and height varies depending on the parents. We find the ideal Schnoodle to be of "standard" size, 20-30 pounds and 16-20 inches tall. The "Standard Schnoodle" is the best of all worlds : )

We dock tails and remove dewclaws at the age of three to five days old - the puppies feel very little pain with the method we use. The ears remain natural - Schnoodles
do not have cropped ears. It is our belief that the removal of the tail is in part to acquire the "Schnoodle look".  The removal of the dewclaws is for a health reason...these are small hooked nails on the side of the Schnoodles ankle and if caught on something can tear and cause extreme pain and bleeding, this would require emergency surgery. To avoid this the useless dewclaws are removed while the puppy is 3 to 5 days old. ALL of our puppies have these procedures done.

Here are some facts about the Schnoodle:

-- They are always ready to join in on many activities.
-- Most enjoy car rides to any destination but especially visiting friends.
-- Many enjoy playing in water, which can be anything from their water dish to a lake!
-- A game of fetch is usually a requirement with most Schnoodles.
-- Something extremely common with the Schnoodle is known as the "Schnoodle 500", this is where they tuck their backend under and race as fast as they can... around, over, along, under and thru everything in their way... this is usually done in a circular manner with no damage done : ) This is not to be misunderstood - the Schnoodle is not running away from anything. It is a burst of Schnoodle energy and it only lasts a minute. Many owners find it cute and feel it lets them know that their Schnoodle is happy!
-- Schnoodles are known to use their front feet as hands to touch, move, or hold things. They will hold their toys between their front feet and roll on their backs with the object held above them as they play. Many like to hold a blanket or stuffed animal in their front legs and/or mouth as they rest.
-- One of the bad behaviors a Schnoodle can acquire quickly is digging. Although if caught in the act and corrected this behavior can disappear as quickly as it started.
-- Schnoodles are very intelligent and learning is not a problem.
-- Some Schnoodles can become yappy if not trained correctly. They must be corrected as soon as this behavior starts to become an issue. A spray bottle works great for this correction.
-- Adult Schnoodles, if trained correctly as puppies, can make the most amazing dogs to share a life with for many years.
-- Schnoodles excel in therapy work, obedience, agility, flyball and most other dog activities. Shelbo Schnoodles has more than a dozen Schnoodles with their TD(therapy dog) certificates!

Our success in raising healthy - well socialized puppies starts with the mother and father of the puppy. If the adults are not in optimal shape physically and emotionally the puppies they produce will not have the best start in life and many of the imperfections, whether emotionally or physically, will be passed down to the puppies as the mother displays her emotional traits to her puppies while raising them.

When the puppies are born we become as big apart of their lives and as important as their mother! Having the puppies in our living room in a large whelping box and giving them plenty of freedom in our home for playtime...thanks to our pergo floors! We make everyday sounds and happenings a common experience for them. Why not just raise them on the kitchen floor? For a few reasons - less accidental injuries to the puppies, less destructive behaviors are learned, less possiblity of a contagious disease being carried on shoes to the puppies and starting the puppies out right on potty training. If the puppies are raised on a floor than it becomes "normal" for them to potty on the floor and housetraining may never become a complete success. The idea that our home is not a place to go potty makes it easier to remove the whelping box and start potty training outdoors. This may be why our puppies are so easily potty trained!

We start potty training outdoors at 4 to 5 weeks old, depending on the Minnesota weather. Once we start potty training we continue until the puppy leaves our home. We make scheduled potty breaks throughout the day - putting all the puppies in a large laundry basket and carrying them out to the puppy yard which is their own fenced yard where they do not interact with adult dogs as we want them to focus on the task at hand! This also helps to keep the puppies safer from communicable diseases.

Our puppies are vaccinated at 6 weeks and usually go to their new homes at 8 weeks old. We recommend our new families continue a vaccination schedule similar to this: 9, 12, 15 and 18 weeks. We use the Fort Dodge Duramune Puppy Shot including coronavirus. We do not substitute or use the vaccinations "on sale" as we are a firm believer in this vaccination and this schedule. We have been breeding Schnoodles over 10 years and have never had an ill puppy from a preventive disease. As any veterinarian can tell you parasites are an extremely common issue in puppies: 99% of puppies are born with worms. Therefore we worm our puppies with Nemex-2 every two weeks until they go to their new homes. We also use Albon as a preventative measure for Coccidia, also a common puppy 'parasite' causing a loose stool, dehydration and an ill puppy. Coccidia is usually seen when the puppy moves to his new home because it is made worse by the stress of the move. To prevent such happenings we use Albon on puppies 7 weeks old and older.

We enjoy producing the most healthy and happy puppies possible. Since every puppy has an individual personality we find it very important to help people find the right Schnoodle puppy for their home.
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